In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Obedience and capping in drive. 
  • Leveraging reward systems and using queues in drive to prepare for capping. 
  • Utilizing different tools and training progressions to properly train drive. 
  • Drive training with different canines. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Suppressing the dog’s behavior is not obedience or capping because it isn’t channeling their energy into something. We don’t want to suppress – this creates behaviors we do not want. 
  • Dogs that are dirty in their outings are struggling in their drive capping. 
  • Don’t be scared of the expression – it should not make you nervous. But you want them to also be able to cap and be quiet. Neither should be sacrificed for the other. 
  • Make sure to train your dogs in all situations and around decoys in full kit. 


“If all we ever do when we’re doing obedience on a dog is just suppress the hell out of them, then we’re not doing obedience in drive, nor are we doing drive capping.” —  Jerry Bradshaw

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