Month: June 2023

Countering, Pushing & Pulsing Grips

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Bringing out the traits in your dog that are (or are not) genetically in them already.

  • The difference between countering, pushing/pulling, and pulsing bite grips.

  • Working with the dog and not creating an unstable grip through overwork.

  • Actively teaching your dog when and how to counter, and how and when to fight out of a pressure trap using the different grips.

Key Takeaways:

  • Countering happens when dogs do not get the ideal strike and an ideal grip in the initial bite. You want the dog to be biting all the way back to their molars whenever possible (which can be difficult when the dog is coming in full speed on a decoy).

  • Biting with the back teeth allows for more leverage power in the jaw which can help with pain compliance even through layers of clothing on a pushing grip in a police dog situation.

  • The decoy and trainer both need to understand what you trying to get out of each training session with dogs at all stages of development. Training with a puppy is very different from training with an older, veteran dog.

  • A lot of decoys and trainers are neglecting to teach the dog to counter off of the transition.

“Countering is a very important technique in training a protection dog, but we may go too far in focusing only on that.” —  Jerry Bradshaw

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