Month: September 2021

Dumb Stuff I Saw Online

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Being suspect of always or never statements in training. 
  • The art of prey guarding. 
  • Laying your own tracks. 
  • The downsides to canine demos. 


Key Takeaways:

  • By saying you never do defense work with puppies, you erase an entire section of training 2457
  • On any given track, you will have a combination of human odor and ground disturbance. How much of each will be different depending on the type of track. 
  • There can be benefits to laying your own tracks, including the ability to lay more tracks than you might be able to otherwise. 
  • You can never predict other people’s behavior – if you are doing a demo, you want to treat your dog like any other piece of equipment like your gun or your car. 


“Back when I was an academic, we used to tell students, if you see in a question ‘always’ or ‘never’ be suspect of what’s being said, because there are usually exceptions to rules. And especially in dog training, there’s usually some exceptions.” —  Jerry Bradshaw


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