Month: October 2021

Dumb Stuff I Saw Online Round 2

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Training prey and defense training in your police dogs. 
  • Diversifying training with and without equipment. 
  • Avoiding sweeping generalizations in your training. 
  • Training in the four quadrants of operant conditioning. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Muzzle biting is not the end all be all. While it can show you many things about your dog’s engagement, it does not guarantee a bite off the muzzle. 
  • A dog in conflict is going to choose life and is more likely to have a failed engagement. 
  • Reinforcement is the way in which you install a behavior that you want to keep in your dog. 
  • You don’t need to rush moving from a one-to-one fixed ratio to a variable reward scheme. It allows you to more effectively utilize other tools in your training tool belt, such as negative punishment. 


“As soon as you start getting into all or nothing thinking, in dog training, you’re probably on the wrong side of the truth.” —  Jerry Bradshaw


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