Month: December 2019

Dominance Aggression

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses: 

  • Behavioral issues and dominance aggression.  
  • How failing dogs repeatedly drives up the cost of dogs. 
  • Avoiding confrontations. 
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with different types of dominance aggression. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Behavioral problems can take times to manifest, you likely won’t see them in the kennel environment. 
  • Every police dog is just a dog – they don’t have a special god status, they are just a dog. 
  • Forget about being alpha. Your dog doesn’t relate to you as a dog. 
  • Stay levelheaded when dealing with a dominant dog, don’t take it personally, reward the dog when they comply.  


“Gain respect from the dog using your brain not your hands.” —  Jerry Bradshaw 


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