Month: June 2019

Cannibalism in the Dog Training Industry

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw, Pat Stuart, Glenn Cooke, Janet Edwards, and Shawn Edwards discuss:

  • Cannibalism in the industry is about lack of support in the industry for each other.
  • The call-out culture of social media and the effect it has on the dog training industry.
  • Creating community and an international family with dog sports.
  • Training sports as a proofing ground for all types of dog training.
  • How to handle social media, controversy, online trolls, and bad advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a power in joining forces and speaking up on issues, not just trying to handle everything individually.
  • Without the ability to communicate with one another, there will be no ability to combat the nonsense of the training industry.
  • Without the sports, you wouldn’t have the canines for military and police work.
  • As a trainer, have a great relationship with your local veterinarians. You have different skills and, together, can best serve the animals.
  • We need to do something now to stop cannibalizing each other.

“If you stop the tools, then you stop the progress of the dog sports. If you stop the progress of the dog sports, people lose interest in taking their dogs out and being obedient. Then there’s lack of control all over the place and government legislation starts stepping in.” —  Glenn Cooke

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