Month: June 2022

Is Your Training Too Operant?

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Classical versus operant conditioning. 
  • Recognizing and understanding the emotional states of your dog. 
  • How your emotions and confidence affect the emotional state of your dog. 
  • Understanding the classical effects of your operant conditioning. 
  • The magic in the emotions. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Most dog training starts with operant work then folds in classical conditioning. 
  • When training with a dog, you are not working in laboratory conditions. There are other associations happening and that context needs to be taken into account. 
  • Hunting for a toy and hunter for a man are two different things. You will draw more sustained, higher level drive when trailing with a bite at the end rather than hunting a ball or a pipe. 
  • Be aware of what lessons you are teaching when utilizing training tools.They may be learning a classical lesson instead of the intended operant lesson. 


“Classical conditioning will always trump operant conditioning, in certain circumstances, if those two things come into conflict.” —  Jerry Bradshaw


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