Month: April 2023

Setting Up Successful Training Sessions

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • Teaching your dog lessons through action, feedback, and prevention.

  • Understanding the queues that you are creating in your dog.

  • Planning your training sessions in advance and understanding the variables.

  • Preparing with the correct equipment and rewards for the training session you are heading into.

  • The importance of evaluating your training sessions, and getting a second pair of eyes on the training and evaluation when possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your training session begins as soon as the dog comes out of the kennel, both what is and is not happening matter from that moment on.

  • You should have reasons for doing everything that you are doing in training. You do not want to create associations with equipment or locations

  • Know the sub-skills that you want to work and the variables inherent in those when you are planning what skills and subskills you are planning on training in each session. Do the research if needed to understand how to support that training and make it better.

  • You must know what you are doing before you even put your hands on the dog. There is a lot happening and if you don’t have a plan things will get chaotic and not go how you want them to go.

“I plan out before I work my dog exactly what I’m going to work on before the session starts so I know what I want to do on the field. Setting up for success is about figuring out what you’re going to do before you go and try to do it instead of just going out and doing what other people are doing and mimicking them.” —  Jerry Bradshaw

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