Month: January 2023

Feedback, Confidence & Corrections

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discusses:

  • The impact of the e-collar and social media on dog training.
  • Making and molding behaviors.
  • Variable reward schedules and recourse for non-compliance.
  • Changing the problem to clarify the problem when there is a lack of understanding.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’re looking for about an 80-20 rule – with 80% compliance – you can look to start moving to the next training session and work on a different type of system to clean up the final 20%.
  • You want the dog to understand the behavior in a number of contexts before saying it is learned.
  • Many handlers are staying too long in the guiding correction, negative reinforcement phase of training.
  • You need to understand what frame of mind your dog is in when you are training. If he is not in the right frame of mind to make a good decision, it needs a different correction than willful disobedience.

“I’ve found that in a lot of these discrimination exercises, what I’m battling more than anything else is stimulation and lack of clarity because of that stimulation the dog is trying to deal with. And sometimes pressure or pain, however you want to term it, can increase that stimulation that the dog is feeling in that moment and create an even more stimulated animal.” — Jerry Bradshaw

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