038: Civil Police Dogs, Testing and Training Green and Titled K9s

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:

  • Types of table work and pros and cons of different types.
  • Testing dogs on things that can be trained.
  • Knowing what your goals for testing are before you start testing.
  • Handler involvement versus independence in detection training.
  • The malleability of green dogs versus the experience of titled dogs.

Key Takeaways:

  • A barkbox can keep a behavior very forward focused which can then be transported into different scenarios.
  • You want to test some natural drives and instincts and what the dog’s nerves are.
  • Learn what is a deal breaker in testing and what can be trained.
  • The mobile aspect of dogs is really the most important part in detection.
  • Equipment, such as a muzzle, can queue a dog in the same way that a bite suit can.

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Train Hard, train smart, be safe.

“Reward more. Just because you are out there [in the mock trial or training] doesn’t mean it’s all about corrections. Reward those good behaviors, make sure you isolate good things that are happening and let the dog know he is doing it correctly.” — Jerry Bradshaw

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Train Hard, train smart, be safe.

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