036: Direct v. Indirect Detection Protocols

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:

  • What to look for in a detection dog.
  • Benefits of teaching hunting first.
  • Eyeing detection washouts earlier with direct reward systems.
  • Understanding action patterns and how they fit into detection training.

Key Takeaways:

  • The hunting drive should be of primary importance.
  • Build the action pattern strongly, final response is an obedience pattern that can be taught later.
  • A stop and stare is going to degrade.
  • When working a large quantity of dogs, not all are going to be the 1% unicorn dogs.

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Article: Direct v. Indirect Detection Protocols

Train Hard, train smart, be safe.

“If you want to develop the best possible hunting, you really have to focus on developing the best possible action pattern.” — Jerry Bradshaw

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Train Hard, train smart, be safe.

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