031: Civil Aggression – The Story of K9 Kira

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:

  • Understanding learning theory, types of conditioning, and systems of training.
  • The story of K9 Kira – the dual purpose Malinois.

  • The importance of proper training in defense.

  • Increasing the realism in your scenario training to increase a dog’s street worthiness.

  • Having a purpose to the training you are doing and understanding what the dog needs to become the strongest dog it can.

Key Takeaways:

  •  If you are struggling with certification level performance, you need to consider reaching out to get some additional help.
  • Dogs can get bored with the training if you are doing the same thing over and over with no variation.

  • Prey drive is the drive of confidence. Threat is the trigger for defense.

  • Changing from defense to prey to defense repeatedly during training teaches the dog about the ebb and flow of the fight.

  • The reason a dog wants to fight a man, is because they learn they are successful when they fight a man. There’s no drive for fighting, fighting is taught.

Decoys have to be really keen, paying close attention, as they do civil aggression. It’s so important for the dog to understand the story that you, as the decoy, are telling back to them, but then you must read the story that the dog is telling you. —  Jerry Bradshaw

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