029: Canine Temperament & Training

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:


  • Key temperament traits that give information on how to train the dogs most effectively.
  • The levels of pubic sociability and how it impacts a protection or police dog.
  • Classifications of a dog’s nerves – their adaptability to change.
  • The big 3 drives: prey, social, and defense.
  • What people believe to be fight drive, why it might appear as a drive, and why it is not a drive.


Key Takeaways:

  • In the dog world, distance means everything.
  • There will always be some relative weaknesses and some relative strengths. Look at what are going to be willing to work with as a trainer and what the dog is going to be doing.
  • In drives you find basis for motivation.
  • The harder the dog, the more motivational you have to be. The softer the dog, the more compulsion will have the desired effect.

Temperament characteristics are so important because they have meaning for how we train our dogs. —  Jerry Bradshaw

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