018: Training the Recall in Patrol & PSA

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:

  • What a recall command is and how it appears and functions in PSA and Patrol.
  • The importance of practicing different scenarios to be prepared for any situations.
  • Things to think about before getting into recall training and during recall training.
  • The importance of knowing your dog and things to look for in recall training with different personalities, temperaments, and styles.
  • How the different skills all fit together and build upon each other.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can master the out on command, redirects, and recall exercises, you will worry less about certification and more about scenarios.
  • If you haven’t done something in training, your dog will likely not doing it in patrol. If the dog freezes or does not properly engage, don’t ask what’s wrong with your dog, ask what’s wrong with the training.
  • If you see hesitation, increase your reward density.
  • You can table some of the training for a while, leave it for later, and figure out what cues the dog is picking up on and anticipating, and go back later fresh.
  • Keep variety in your training. Make it easier for the dog to listen to your words than to anticipate the situation.

If you expect the dog to give something up…you’ve got to give him something, a reward, for doing that. —  Jerry Bradshaw

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