002: Bad K9 Deployment

In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw discuss:

  • There are a lot of reasons we’re seeing bad deployments/incidents recently
  • As professional trainers, we often try to recommend the right dog, but handlers don’t always follow those recommendations.
  • Don’t avoid picking a dog that may be “too much dog” for a handler. Encourage the handler to step up to handle the dog.
  • 90% of certifications do not do anything to predict whether a dog will engage on the street.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having Police K9’s who fail to engage is unsafe, but the context is important.
  • Handlers don’t always know how to choose the right dog to train because they’re not trainers.
  • Active, involved cops are going to get some “Use of Force” complaints. If you don’t have any, maybe you’re not the most aggressive officer.
  • Daily training is critical. 8-16 hrs/month done over a few days each month is not enough.

Relevant articles to reference from today’s episode:

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If you do not have a productive police officer, putting a K9 with him is going to amplify his non-productivity. —  Jerry Bradshaw

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